Video Testimonials Webinars from Health Professionals

Here are the links to videos from health professionals telling about their experience with ASEA and redox signaling molecules.

Dr Robertson Ward, ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules

He talks about Redox signaling molecules are a new tool to achieve healthly cells.

How Do Our Cells Refurbish Themselves, Dr Gary Samuelson, PhD and Robertson Ward, MD

The two doctors talk about how Redox Signaling will change your health, science and medicine.

Here is a webinar about Emerging Science of Healing 

Emerging Science of Healing Webinar with Dr. Rob Ward, MD, FAAFP. Dr. Ward is a Board Certified Family Physician with 30 years clinical practice with focus on Functional Medicine. Click the play button below to “join” the webinar and listen/watch, in an easy to understand manner, this important information about how Redox Biochemistry is foundational to the process of healing.

Redox Signaling Molecule Discoverer Dr Gary Samuelson explains his discovery.

Click link to watch video

What is ASEA?  ASEA explained here


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