You are about to embark on an amazing voyage of discovery. Let’s start with knowing that every day 75 trillion cells in your body rely on redox signaling molecules for health and healing. In fact, we live and die at the cellular level. Please click the link below to watch a short video explaining the basics of the technology behind Asea and why doctors are calling this product: “the single greatest health science breakthrough of our lifetime.”


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Redox Signaling and the Asea Story

Thousands of studies have clearly demonstrated the crucial role that Redox Signaling plays in maintaining the proper function of the human body. These studies show that Redox Signaling molecules–the same molecules found in ASEA–are involved in supporting virtually every major body system and function, including:

* Immune activity

* Antioxidant protection

* Digestive health

* Mental cognition

* Cardiovascular function

*Joint and muscle support

* Pain and nervous system function

* Anti-inflammatory support

* Cell function

* Genetic expression


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